Zone 15 Rickie Jacobs

Rickie Jacobs’ returns with the ferocious “Zone 15.”

Baltimore rapper Rickie Jacobs too some time off, but he’s coming back stronger than ever with “Zone 15,” a new single that pairs a haunting vocal sample with some of the most ferocious rapping we’ve heard from Jacobs.

“During my two-year hiatus, I’ve been working and taking care of myself. I just needed a break from the scene for a while,” he writes via email. “Zone 15 is an area in West Baltimore where I grew up, and I felt it was necessary to shine light on my community. With that being said, I think this was the right record to celebrate my return.”

You can revisit Jacobs’ impressive 2014 project Remember To Smile here. The new video for “Zone 15” can be found below.

Quotable Lyrics:
Better duck, before the semi spray, bruh
‘Cause them bullet holes be pretty major
Man, that shit’s a piece of cake, bruh
I know exactly what it takes, bruh

download mp3
download mp4


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